Blackjack: the most popular of the online casino games – Fun88

Blackjack: the most popular of the online casino games – Fun88

Online casino games at Fun88

Why people think Blackjack is the best of the online casino games? – Fun88

Indian people love online casino games at Fun88 app, especially poker ones. Blackjack has been considered one of the easiest variants of poker games and maybe this is one of the reasons why people prefer Blackjack to other online casino games at Fun88.


The objective of Blackjack, as with the rest of the rules, is the same no matter which version you have in front of you. So, keep this in mind: to win a round you need to get a better score than the dealer. It is a myth that you must score 21 points to win, it is enough that your hand score is better than the dealers, or that the dealer has gone over the limit, which translates into an automatic defeat.


Cards value – Fun88 app

  • ✔️ Numbers keep their value. For example, 3 is still worth 3.
  • ✔️ Aces can be worth 1 or 11 depending on the hand of the player or dealer.
  • ✔️ Face cards (J, Q and K) are always worth 10 points each.
  • ✔️ Blackjack hands can be categorized as soft or hard depending on whether they have an AS or not: if you have an AS, then it will be soft, while, if you don't, then it will be hard. You already know the objective and the value of the cards, now see the steps that each player must follow:
  • ✔️  A bet is made by placing the chips on the playing mat.
  • ✔️ The dealer will deal two cards face up to the player.
  • ✔️ The dealer will deal two cards to himself, but one will be face down.
  • ✔️ A decision is made as to which move to make by considering the cards on the table.
  • ✔️ After the player finishes his turn, the dealer shows his second card.
  • ✔️ If he has a soft 16, he must either hit or stand, depending on the variant.
  • ✔️ The winner is the one who has the hand closest to 21. In case you have a natural Blackjack (AS + 10) then you automatically win unless the dealer also has a natural Blackjack. If the round ends in a tie, you will get your bet back automatically.

Play Blackjack at Fun88


If you're wondering where to play online casino games like Blackjack, the best answer is Fun88. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose which one. Below, we will tell you how to select the best one possible. Fun88 can be a great alternative for you if you are looking for an online casino.


Security: Your safety is the most important thing when playing Blackjack online, so you should check that the platform you sign up with cares about the welfare of all its players.


To begin with, they must have a license that allows them to operate in India, as this is the quickest way to know if they have met a series of strict requirements related to this issue. Fun88 has been consider one of the most reputable casinos in India. Then, their online Blackjack games must be created by the best software providers in the market, such as Evolution Gaming, NetEnt and Microgaming.


They must also encourage Responsible Gaming among players by allowing them to set betting and deposit limits, recommending links to helpful sites and prohibiting entry to any minors. Finally, they should encrypt all personal and banking information that users share within the platform, this way, their data, and money will always be protected.


Promotions – Fun88


Another very important step when choosing a casino with Blackjack is to check what are the different promotions, they make available to players: from the welcome bonus to tournaments or loyalty programs. These bonuses also need to have very clear and fair terms and conditions, this way, users will know what they must do when betting to get an advantage.


Most of the welcome bonuses are compatible with all games, so you use these online casino games promotions at Fun88 to start playing with a head start: you won't have to worry about losing your money.


It is advisable to read the terms and conditions before claiming any bonus to avoid having problems such as, for example, that the payment methods you have chosen are not compatible with the offer. If there are doubts about them, contact the customer service operators.


What are the advantages of online blackjack at fun88 india?


To perfectly understand the advantages of online Blackjack, we believe that there is no better way than to show you the differences with the original one. You will have access to many online casino games within the same platform. No matter how many tables there are, the selection is smaller.


There are bonuses and promotions to play Blackjack without spending your money. It is almost impossible to find a promotion for 21. You could try 21 games to learn the rules and their strategies. It is not possible to play unless you make a previous investment of money.


There are variants that you will only get on Internet sites. Generally, the only options you will get are the classic ones. Finally, it must be said that, thanks to the online live Blackjack game, the social factor is always available when you play on the Internet, so the last advantage of the original version has fallen.


How to win Blackjack online? – Fun88


Beyond using a strategy, we can give you some additional tips so that, in addition to this, you can do it while playing responsibly within our recommended Indian casinos. These tips are:

  • ✔️ Create a budget and always keep it.
  • ✔️ Learn very well all the rules that apply.
  • ✔️ Know what type of Blackjack you want to play.
  • ✔️ Never bet on insurance.
  • ✔️ Take advantage of any bonus with an adequate rollover.
  • ✔️  If you combine these tips with all the information we've shared so far in the online Blackjack guide, then you'll have all the tools you need to have a great time.

Play Blackjack online and other online casino games with your phone – fun88 india


A huge advantage of playing Blackjack online is that you can do it using your cell phone or any other mobile device, allowing you to enjoy some games from anywhere in India! Most mobile Blackjack games are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. The same can be said for cell phones, tablets and other devices.


To play Blackjack with real money you need to register at one of the casinos operating in India, confirm your account and make a deposit with one of the payment methods accepted within the platform. Once this is done, choose the game you want and place a bet within the limits.


However, it is not possible to count cards in online Blackjack because each game uses an RNG (Random Number Generator) system that makes all rounds random, i.e. the cards that come out of the deck will have no relation whatsoever, so it is impossible to keep a real count.


How do I play Blackjack?


You start by placing a bet by placing your chips on the table; once you have done this, you will receive two cards face up from the dealer, who will have one face down. Then you will have to make the move you want until you finish your turn; at the end, the dealer will show his second card and it will be seen who is closer to 21, without going over.


On the other hands, the betting limit depends on each game, but the lowest is as small as $0.10 and the highest as high as $10,000. Don't worry: the online Blackjack game you choose will not allow you to place a bet outside the limits, so just be mindful of the budget you have in your hands.


This depends on whether you have an AS in your hand or not. If you have one, then the hand is soft, if not, then it is hard. This is because aces have two values, so hands can vary. This matters to the dealer, as some variants require them to call or stand depending on whether they have a soft or hard hand.


Of course, it is, just make sure you do it on a platform that is licensed, as this is the best way to know that you are on a site that cares about the safety of its users, as, to obtain such a license, they have had to go through an extensive series of related requirements.


The first one is that you could play from anywhere in India because they are compatible with almost any mobile device you get in the market. In addition to this, you will have many alternatives in one place, and you could try them completely free using the demos that are available.


So, if you want to enjoy the best of online casino games like Blackjack, do not forget to visit fun88 login. Fun88 offers you the best bonuses and promotions when playing online casino games. So, do not miss fun88 login online casino games, you will love all of them!

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