Learn how to win at online IPL betting for the first time! - Fun88

Learn how to win at online IPL betting for the first time! - Fun88

IPL betting – Fun88


Guide to online IPL betting – Fun88


You have probably heard about some IPL betting sites and you might be wondering how they work, well, you have come to the right place! If you are passionate about cricket tournaments like the Indian Premier League, you can enjoy every game and place a bet online safely, read on and find out all the information about online IPL betting. IPL betting is similar than gambling on other sports. IPL betting can also apply to specific cricketers due to the variety of bets you can place on!


How to start IPL betting online at fun88 or any other bookie?


To get started in the world of IPL betting you can start by learning a little bit about how to read the odds. This will help you understand the logic of those numbers that may seem a bit confusing at first but are actually very interesting when you understand them.


Choosing a reliable online bookmaker like Fun88:


Due to the current situation and also for convenience it is better to look for an online sportsbook, there are many options and you will decide which one will catch your attention, a recommendation to start is Fun88, because it is one of the sportsbooks in India that specialize in cricket and IPL betting as well.


What does Fun88 offer?


Fun88 offers different welcome bonuses for both IPL betting and online casino, as well as constant promotions and tournaments. You can find out more on their official homepage. Once you have chosen your favorite betting site you are ready to register, make sure that the email you enter is a truthful one, as you will have to verify your account.


How to bet for the first time at Fun88


Do not be scared if they ask you for some documents such as your personal identification, since in case of winning you will need to authenticate your identity, also read the terms and conditions to be more secure. Use a controlled budget outside of your basic expenses, use the 50-30-20 financial rule, where you can set aside some of your money for entertainment among other things.


The greatest tips for online bettors


First, only bet what you can afford to lose. If you're just starting out, you might be saying to yourself "come on, I'm going to deposit $1000 on such-and-such a site and start betting". However, it's more complicated than that.


There are several sports betting sites with different odds, so it is recommended that you register on several sites. In addition, each one will offer you a welcome bonus to encourage you to sign up. Also consider your starting capital. You must decide the amount that will constitute your capital. This amount will determine the amount available for your bets. In general, it is recommended to bet only 1% of the bankroll (the capital).


1% seems small, but this allows you to recover your losses. And you will have losses, believe me. Sometimes it can be weeks of losses in a row. So, if you put 10% of your capital each time, you will run out as soon as the snow melts in the sun, and your sports betting career will quickly end.


So, the first and most important sports betting tip is the following: Create a bankroll that you can eventually lose and control your bankroll by betting only small amounts (1% or at least 2%).


Accept that you are going to lose bets... Lots of bets


Losing sports bets is part of being a bettor. It is normal. Some people lose more than others, it depends on the bets they have placed. So, you must be willing to lose, there is no other choice, because this is going to be part of your day-to-day life.


No professional bettor wins in the long run with 80 or 90% of successful bets. Pros are more like 40 to 60%, which is not bad since unfortunately (or fortunately), you can't predict the outcome of a game. It's impossible.


Control emotions


A good bettor controls his emotions. Even if you are on a bad losing streak, you will remember my first sports betting tip and continue to bet only 1% of your bankroll (capital), instead of trying to recover and bet 10% of your money at once (which you will probably lose). Controlling your emotions is one of the keys to winning money in sports betting.

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Choose your bookmakers wisely


You were waiting for this tip. Choosing the right sports betting site is required, so select a reputable bookie like Fun88. Seen from afar, all the sites look similar, but when you start looking you realize that each site has its own characteristics, its sports where it excels.


There are sites that have more interesting and less restrictive welcome bonuses. Sites with a good application for your mobile. Other sites with excellent odds. And others that allow you to bet even if you have won several times. Contrary to other sites that block you if you have won too much (because for them it means loss of money). Authorized sites are reliable and have fulfilled a series of requirements to obtain the gaming license. So, you can trust these sites, like fun88 login.


Beware of combined sports bets


A recent modality is to combine several bets, it is about combined bets. On paper, it is interesting. By taking a few safe bets (with a low odd, for example, 1.30) and combining them, you can easily double your bet.


But, obviously, the multiplication of the matches makes the outcome of the bet much more uncertain. It is enough that one of the matches on which you bet does not have the expected result, and it is the whole bet that you lose. Therefore, it is necessary to use the combined bets in a smart way, and without betting everything.


Start on paper


Among all the sports betting tips on this list, I'm sure this one will surprise you. In fact, at first, I recommend you not to bet for real. Train yourself on an Excel file or a sheet of paper. Your first 100 or 200 bets will allow you to improve your technique, see what went wrong and after all measure your progress and see if you really won something.

How to bet on sports for the best at Fun88 and other bookies


A good recommendation is to make your first bets on paper, it will allow you to improve. Also, it is advisable to follow an expert before betting. You don't need to analyze the matches yourself. After all, your goal is to make money, no matter what.


You can follow one or several professional bettors. That's what many people do. It will cost you some money, as they often offer you a paid subscription, but once you have found the good one, your investment in the subscription is profitable.


But beware, not all these professionals (or tipsters) are good. In fact, most of them are bad. Choosing a good tipster is an art. To make a good choice, you should look at the following characteristics:

  • There is a verifiable report (and it is better if it is on an independent site like Fun88).
  • There is a track record of at least 1000 verifiable bets. On this, its good results may be due to the variance.
  • It has an interesting ROI, above 5% if possible.
  • It is easy to follow. If it sends you the forecasts 5 minutes before a match, it will be more complicated and maybe not suitable for you.

Fun88: the best alternative for  ipl betting online


If you want to succeed at betting, register at Fun88. Fun88 offers you the best bonuses, promotions and benefits and it is simple to sign up there. So, visit Fun88 and start  your best cricket bet now!


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