Blackjack online insurance: what it is and when to take it – Fun88

Blackjack online insurance: what it is and when to take it – Fun88

Blackjack online insurance – Fun88


What is a Blackjack online insurance? – Fun88

Blackjack online at fun88 is a game where chance and strategy come together. You can never control the card you will be dealt, but you can use all the tools you have at your disposal, such as card counting, to make the best play with the value of your cards. In addition, you can play this casino game online in websites like Fun88.

To increase your quality in the game at fun88 app or any other casino and to be able to stand up with your head held high from the table, you can train with the blackjack online simulator or study the European table.

Although, if things don't turn out as you expect, you can always resort to Blackjack online insurance that will help you minimize your losses at fun88 online or any other casino.

What is Blackjack online insurance?

Insurance is an option offered by the casino when you play and it can be very useful as a Blackjack online trick. By using it, you protect yourself from the possible losses that you could have before a possible Blackjack online of the dealer: when the face-up card is an ace, in the possibility that when the next card is turned over it could make a 10, the player can consider taking the insurance to minimize the losses of the bet he has made.

When playing at fun88 app, for example, the cards that have a value of ten are the 10 itself, the J, Q and K, i.e. 4 cards multiplied by the 4 suits of the deck are 16 possible cards that have the number 10.

With Blackjack online insurance, the player will only lose half of his bet, which will be paid 2:1. To take out insurance, you must do so before the dealer "takes a look" at the face-down card, i.e. before he discovers your hand.

If so, it is necessary to know the options you must win or lose the game and when it is convenient to take advantage of this option to protect yourself with insurance.

Let's imagine that in the hand we have bet 20$ and when the cards are dealt, the one the croupier has face up is an Ace and the croupier asks if anyone wants to take advantage of the insurance.

Based on how the game has developed, you may decide that you are not all in and that it is likely that the other card is a 10. You accept the insurance and pay half of the bet you have made, which in this case, would be 10$.

So, in total, your bet on this hand including insurance would be $30. If the dealer made Blackjack online, the insurance money would be paid to you 2:1, so you would be refunded $20. This would mean that of your total bet money, you would only lose $10.

But what would happen if the dealer's card value were not 21 but he has more points than your total? Let's imagine that you have 17 and he has 19. What would happen to your insurance bet? Well, you would lose it in the same way you would lose your first bet the whole 30$.

And what happens if the player has Blackjack online, and the dealer has an Ace with the possibility of also making a 21? Well, the player is given the possibility to recover his bet and end the hand there. So, in this case, he would recover the 20$ and would not lose anything.

When to bet insurance in Fun88 Blackjack online


Each player is different and each one knows the strategy he should use according to the value of the Blackjack online cards he has.

But if you want a recommendation on when it will give you an advantage to take insurance on a hand, we advise you to do it when the odds of winning are less than 2:1. When does that happen? When the stack is full of cards with a value of 10.

When playing live Blackjack online on the internet with dealer at Fun88 or any other online casino, the player has the possibility to count the cards that have been put into play during the whole game. In this way, the player can see how many tens are discarded and how many are left in the deck.

In the case that Blackjack online is played on an internet casino gaming platform like Fun88, in each hand of the game all the cards are shuffled, offering the same chances that a number will come out each time they are dealt.

Thus, the use of online casino insurance in the case of online casino like Fun88 will be decided by the player depending on his available capital and how the game has been developing.

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Is it worth using Blackjack online insurance?

We have seen that insurance is advisable to use when we know that cards with a value of 10 are in the deck. But, apart from that case, is it worth using insurance in our Blackjack online games?

Participating in table games at Fun88 is a long-distance race where it is necessary to see and analyze what happens in the long run. Just as it is necessary to know what cards are in the deck, it is important to know what cards are dealt at the table among the players.

For the dealer to have Blackjack online with an Ace face up, it is necessary that the face down card has a 10 or a figure. If we were to play with only one deck and all the cards in the deck were in it, the dealer would have a 30% chance of getting a Blackjack online.

However, this would only be the case if none of the cards with a value of 10 were dealt among the players.

Even tough, if the Blackjack online table consisted of seven players, it is entirely feasible that 4 cards of value 10 are already on the table in the hand of some player; in this case, the dealer's chances of making Blackjack online would be reduced by 23%.

Therefore, consider all the players involved in the game to make an analysis of whether it is worth taking Blackjack online insurance on the hand you are playing.

To practice your game and see for yourself the validity of this insurance in your games, you can always use the Blackjack online simulator to practice your hand and put your strategies into action.

Insurance betting situations in Blackjack online at Fun88 or any other casino

There are different situations in which it is possible to take advantage of Blackjack online insurance and what would happen in each case and thus have a practical example of the different decisions that a player can take and their consequences:

Example 1- If the dealer has an ace and makes Blackjack online.

There are two players and both have bet 10$ and the dealer deals cards and he gets an Ace on the one he has turned over.

Player A receives a 9 and a 3 adding up to 12. He takes the insurance and pays $5 for it. He asks for another card and gets a 5 for a total of 17. He stands.

Player B receives a 6 and a 5 for a total of 11. He asks for a card and gets a 9, so he makes 20.

The dealer turns over the other card and gets a card with a value of 10 (the number 10 or any figure). He has Blackjack online.

Player A loses his first bet of 10$. But he wins the insurance bet of $5 which pays 2:1 and, in the end, he recovers $10.
He loses only $5.

Player B also loses and, as he did not pay the insurance, he loses his first bet of $10 but does not win any amount back.

Example 2. If the croupier has an ace and does not make Blackjack online

There are two players and they both bet $10. The dealer deals his cards and the one he has face up is an Ace.

Player A has a five and a seven and takes the $5 insurance. He asks for another card and gets a six. He has a total of 18 points and stands.

Player B has two 5's. He decides to take the insurance and pays $5. He draws a card and gets a 10. In total he has 20 and stands.

The dealer turns the card over and he has a 3. He draws another card and gets a 5. His cards total 19.

Player A loses to the dealer his bet of $10 and his insurance of $5. Player B loses the insurance, the $5, but beats the dealer and gets another $10. So, in the final account he ends up winning $5.

What happens when the player also has Blackjack online at Fun88?

In situations where the player discovers that he has a Blackjack online and the dealer has an Ace, with the possibility of a Blackjack online, insurance is a good option to make sure he wins some amount. Having a Blackjack online is a very difficult thing to do, so it must be very frustrating if you happen not to be the only one at the table.

But if we consider that you have one of the possible tens that could be dealt to the dealer, you know that the chances of getting a Blackjack online are not very good.

In the case that the player had a Blackjack online, you must think that by not taking the insurance you get the chance to win 33% more than what you would win by accepting it.

In addition, in the case of a tie with the dealer, the most that would happen is that you would not lose the money bet, so you would not have any loss either.

Keep in mind that taking insurance can limit your winnings in the long run, although it can also save you from falling off the cliff in a bad streak when playing at Fun88. The important thing is that you know the type of player you are and use it according to your Fun88 Blackjack online game at Fun88.

Playing Fun88 Blackjack online online at Fun88

Playing Fun88 Blackjack online turns simpler than playing other casino games sometimes, but it requires time, patience and strategy to master it.

On the other hand, play Fun88 Blackjack online online is a good possibility if you are getting started. Fun88 offers you the possibility of start playing Blackjack online online now.

So, visit Fun88 and start playing Fun88 Blackjack online now!

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